Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Disease-mongering"? LOLWUT?

A blogger on the site thinks that Go Red for Women's recent video, starring a 37-year-old Elizabeth Banks, is just "disease-mongering," and is a thinly-veiled attempt to get young women to go shop at Macy's since Macy's is one of the sponsors of the video. This ill-informed... person... also accuses the AHA of trying to cash in on some of the "pink money" that flows so thick and fast to breast cancer research.

Ring-ring, clue phone for you: heart disease kills SIX TIMES AS MANY WOMEN AS BREAST CANCER.

Also, the age group that has shown one of the biggest recent increases in rates of developing heart disease? 35-45 year old women.

Around 80% of heart disease is preventable, especially if you start early., you screwed up. You need to post some actual facts, an apology, and a retraction from this author.


  1. Hi Laura - thanks so much for this! The Forbes article deserves to be read by all women (young or old) and then responded to with a few actual facts like yours. Forbes didn't screw up, though - they want readers and this post will do it. It's just business.

    For us, unfortunately it's more like life and death...

    More on this at "The Concept of 'Mansplaining' Explained for You" at:


  2. I was in a sort of ranty mood (those pesky lady-feelings, you know) when I dashed this piece off on Saturday night.

    It just frustrates me so much to have someone who has a virtual bullhorn completely miss the message, you know?