Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spontaneous Dissection Study in Wall Street Journal

Another friend referred to this as "my" 15 minutes of fame. No. I'm too introverted; I don't want fame for myself, I want it for SCADs.

Here's today's story on Mayo's new SCAD research and how it happened, from the Wall Street Journal:


Many thanks to my heart-sister Katherine for encouraging Dr. Hayes to take on this study, and to Dr. Hayes for agreeing to it. This all happened at Katherine's instigation and she gets 100% full credit for talking to Dr. Hayes.

Here's hoping we'll someday have some answers.

And see, this is what I mean when I say that women's heart disease research is so crucial. We're doing our part to add to the medical knowledge about women's heart issues, and I'd encourage other women to participate as well.

Edit: Sorry some people are having trouble with the Wall Street Journal link. Here's an alternate from Forbes.com:

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