Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I got into the WomenHeart Symposium!

Great news--I've been accepted into the WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium!


It's four days at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and is a fantastic opportunity not only to train to become a champion spokeswoman for women with heart disease but to connect with other women who've been through similar things. I'm really excited. :) I sent my application off, then tried to just put it out of my mind, because at that point the decision was out of my hands.

I was a little nervous opening the big envelope from WomenHeart last night; I cracked it open and peeked in cautiously, saw the word "congratulations," grinned, and only then opened it the rest of the way.


  1. Great news, Laura! Prepare to be amazed - by the experience, by the Heart Sisters you will meet there, by Mayo Clinic, by the fabulous (heart-smart) food every day, by the delightful surprises every day.

    Carolyn Thomas
    Mayo grad, 2008

  2. Thanks--I'm really looking forward to it, excited, thrilled, a little bit nervous. :)