Monday, July 20, 2009

Rehab and blood draws and follow-ups, oh my

I'm coming up on the end of my time in cardiac rehab. It will be good to switch from Meadowmont back to my old gym, Duke Health & Fitness. Meadowmont is a good facility, but I miss my water aerobics classes, and being able to lift weights--I'm not really a fan of the giant rubber band school of resistance strength training.

Tomorrow I have medical stuff all day. Blood draws in the morning for cholesterol and liver checks, and cardiologist follow-up appt. in the afternoon. So no food for me after 8pm tonight.

I hate hate hate having my blood drawn. It got to where near the end of my hospitalization, I would cry when I saw the phlebotomists coming in--because after nearly a week of three blood draws/day, they'd just about run out of places to stick me and had resorted to poking the backs of my hands. The only reason it wasn't worse was because for a couple of days, I had an arterial line in and they were able to take blood straight from that for awhile, until the line got kinked and they took it out (I was terribly sad to see it go).

I know I sound like a wimp--they stuck my femoral artery twice and threaded a catheter up to my heart, for cryin' out loud--but for that, they had me on a morphine/valium drip, so I didn't give a crap.

Now is a good time to practice my deep breathing and relaxation. Now is NOT a good time for the loud, boisterous child to be in the office, when I'm already anxious...

Must remember to write out list of questions tonight for the doctor. #1, how long will I have to be on the beta blocker.

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