Monday, October 26, 2009

Dipping toes into golo

One of the local tv stations has a website with an active GoLo (GoLocal) community; I've joined and started posting a few blog entries over there.

I'm pretty much just focusing on heart-health related things with it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick Symposium Notes

Tired, but here are some quick Symposium thoughts:

My brain is full. Crammed full of knowledge--medical, scientific, networking skills, so much to remember.

My heart is full. Full of love and appreciation of my new-found heart sisters from around the country.

Here are a few quick photos on my Flickr page from various events throughout the five days at Mayo:

From our tour of the Mayo Clinic: the cardiac cath lab--good to see while standing up instead of lying down, let me tell you. Two pictures from the day we spent out at Assisi Heights: the statue of St. Francis is from the inside, and the courtyard shows the snow that greeted us that morning.

Jyl is a belly dancer and a WomenHeart Champion. Jan, beside her, is local to me and a WomenHeart Champion. I am a WomenHeart Champion. Stephanie, in the picture with me, is a WomenHeart Champion. The pictures of us are from our dressy dinner/reception on Tuesday night.

I will upload more pictures soon but I'm also hopeful that other Symposium attendees will share some of theirs; a lot of mine ended up being blurry, alas.